Mission Statement

Based on God’s love, here is….

Our Faith, purpose and mission c50ee8_0071d60e616a9e949bc7f780822614dd.jpg_512statement [in 7 x 3 (or multiple of Three) parts or focuses]

1. As God’s chosen, blessed and thankful family;
2. We follow, glorify and worship Christ Jesus, The Messiah;
3. Unite in Christ, the Lion of Judah and Head of the Church. In grace, love and the Holy Spirit;
4. And make known (communicate, proclaim, preach) our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ in deed, word and Truth; prayerfully, in faith, with the Bible as our only basis –
5. Exercising our God given talents and gifts and building relationships;
6. In order to help:
Build the Church

Bless the land and
Bring as many with us to Heaven.
7. Where Christ, the Sovereign King, is wating for us as ….
Our Brother, Friend in the Father’s House.,

Our glorious Bridegroom at the festive Table and …
Our Powerful Lamb on the eternal Throne.

[The underlined words mean we are to take action]
[The bold print points to God, our focus]

Faith, Purpose and Mission
In faith I know all this to be true. Therefore I purpose daily to be filled with the Holy Spirit, walk with Jesus and glorify God. That will result in acoomplishing my mission – it is to bring as many with me to Heaven. Moreover, when my mission is completed, I will rejoice with all the saints around God’s Throne in our eternal purpose, which all along has been the Savior’s mission. Hallelujah!!! Yes, in faith I know all that to be true.


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