Go, give, come and follow

In Mark 10 we read of a wealthy man coming to Jesus, desiring eternal life. He must not have been very old as he was fit and came running. (Mark 10:17) Falling at the feet of Jesus with his question, we see that he was desperate. He’s been thinking about life and eternal life and knows that he’s missing something. Jesus is very clear and gives him an answer which we can sum up with a few words.

Go, give, come and follow. (Mark 10:21b)
Go and see what you have, see what your baggage is.
Give it all away to the poor, those who need it to live.
Come to Me!
Follow Me!

It sounds pretty simple doesn’t it. So how is11148357_10153318793599347_6011232472036912334_o that with you?
Let’s analyze this a bit and see how this man and we are doing and what must yet be done.

The rich man had a good desire, he was seeking eternal life. Not only that, he knew who to come to. He knew Jesus, as a good teacher, would give him the answer. Therefore it was a good start. It is so good that Jesus looked at who this man is and loved him. (Mark 10:21a)

But just one thing is lacking and Jesus points that out. To take care of that, Jesus gives him the instructions we’ve mentioned above. Go, give, come and follow. (Mark 10:21b) So how does this man handle that answer?

He is very sad because this one thing he cannot do, being very rich. Jesus then points out how hard it is for the rich to enter the kingdom of God. (Mark 10:23) Now I can go into a whole sermon about the rich and the comparison of the camel going through the eye of the needle, what our riches are, etc. But for now a challenge is enough. So here it is:

  1. See what baggage is holding you down. What are your riches and treasures?
  2. Are you willing to give it all up for the One who was willing to give up all for you?
  3. Are you willing to readjust your priorities and choose for those things that count for eternity, because that’s what this is all about?
  4. Will you then come to Jesus and know that He will lead you, bless you and provide everything you need to do what He asks from you?
  5. And are you then willing to follow Jesus in His ways? Those ways are often not easy and there will be offers and most likely persecution. But what you’ll end up doing on those ways will be “God directed,” true and exciting. My friend, I can tell you that this way is worth more than anything else in life. It is the path of true riches – love, joy, peace and fruit that will last eternally.
  6. So what is your choice? Which path are you going to take? Will you make the Lord Jesus Christ number One in your life? Pray bout all this today, seek God’s will, and then go for it!
  7. Take and claim Jesus’ promise from Mark 10:27 in response to who then can be saved? “But Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible.’” Our God desires to do the impossible in and through you and me.


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