God’s leading to touch lives

Before I continue my “Open letters,” let me share something more on the lighter side. The question are: 
Do we see God answering prayer? 
Do we see Him lead our lives? 
Do we see the Father touching lives?

When the answer to each is a strong “YES,” there is a wonderful excitement in the air and the realization that God is moving, causing things to happen. Inside, our expectations in faith become greater. That is the feeling that floods my heart right now. Why?

Plans are coming together. Many times inspirations flood my heart and expectations fill my soul. People are lead into my life that for sure God brought as I in no way can organize it. As I go through the daily things of life God brings opportunities to share the Gospel of love and grace with all kinds of people. God inspires at those moments to share what needs to be shared. Much praying is done for all kinds of people and there are moments to pray with both Christians and non-Christians alike and I know it is from the Lord.

Let me give you 3 examples from the last week. What a joy to lead a 90 year old woman to the Lord a few days ago and see her thankful smile and hear her joyful expressions of thanks. Yesterday I spent the day with my friend from a most closed country of the M.E. We prayed much and it was powerful! We joined our hearts to speak out so that we’ll see many Muslims come to Christ. Then today I had the joy to spend many hours with a new friend, a committed Christian, from Nepal. Through skype we were able to contact his family, in this high country in Asia, who also loves the Lord. I prayed for them, their church and their country. Then his mother, a true prayer intercessor, prayed for me, my family and ministry. What a special moment God gave us. I could not understand what his mother was saying, but I could sense the power of the Holy Spirit and know that God is answering every prayer that went up. These are gifts the Lord gives us in His grace and love and they are more precious than any gift we can receive. In that I am rich and one of the most blessed persons in the world and I thank God for giving me such moments of joy! Yes, God is moving and my expectancy is the greater for it.

Many prayer items fill my days and it is wonderful that, in God’s ways and His timing, all those prayers will be answered. It is my joy and privilege to bring it all to the Father in the powerful Name of our Lord Jesus and know that God is doing something with those words directed to Him in faith and trust. My prayer is that you also will know God’s leading, love, care and peace. As you seek Him with all your heart, not holding anything back, God will be there, taking you by His hand.

Now my special prayer for you: May the Word of God speak to your heart this week. That means that we’ve got to be in it. And as you are, He sends you out with that WORD in your heart. As you go out and mingle with all kinds of people, may that Word given to you by the Lord flow out in love, wisdom and power. May the people know that they’ve spoken to one who has been with Jesus, their Lord. May the Lord bless you as you seek Him and His ways!

In Christ’s love and grace, Dirk WL

My picture: You may feel really tired, worn and old, but you can still bear fruit to God’s glory. Go for it! Allow the Father’s love, Christ’s joy and the Spirit’s life to rejuvenate and revive you!P1010792


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