Monthly Archives: May 2013

My long awaited discovery!

By Pamela Purdy
Love never understood.
For years and years I searched for something that at first I could not put my finger on.  Later on I discovered that it was love – true love, God’s love!  For some reason I just could not understand or find it.  Decade after decade went by and my searching seemed futile.  Maybe the problem was my mother as she somehow could not given any love to me.  I did receive love from my father and my husband.  However, that made it even worse because in no way could I receive it.  Even my 4 children did not receive any love.  In raising them I just did my duty – that’s how it was and being in that state made me feel miserable and inferior.

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My search ended when I found HIM who is TRUTH!

 by Leli Brincat from Malta

In my search to find answers to my most serious questions, my life took some big turns. First, I was born and raised a Roman Catholic. Being such I followed many traditions and laws, did what the priest told me to do and participated in the feasts. Yet that all did not give me the answers I needed and so I was searching.

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God took my pain.

 Wayland’s testimony

Hi, my name is Wayland and I was a homeless for many years. I lived in a self made plastic tee-pee for 3 to 4 years. I slept and stayed under a bridge for 2 very cold years and after that in tents. I kept on in this way so long that it took quit a few tents! However, right now I’m in an apartment with a good bed and a great bathroom – hallelujah! However, there’s still a tent under my bed – but only for emergencies! Continue reading