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Plain thoughts on planes. Have you ever wondered?

It is just time to fly out from NE Scotland, back to Holland and then on to Malta. On my last visit, I wrote the following.

Again I’m on an Air Malta flight from Amsterdam to Malta. Before taking off, I sat with my eyes closed and prayed to my heavenly Father, asking for safety, protection and God’s help to reach out to others sitting next to me. I believe God listens and always answers my prayers. Continue reading


God’s leading to touch lives

Before I continue my “Open letters,” let me share something more on the lighter side. The question are: 
Do we see God answering prayer? 
Do we see Him lead our lives? 
Do we see the Father touching lives?

When the answer to each is a strong “YES,” there is a wonderful excitement in the air and the realization that God is moving, causing things to happen. Inside, our expectations in faith become greater. That is the feeling that floods my heart right now. Why? Continue reading